The Many Talents Of Orc Orcersson

So, the Skyrim Speedway is complete! I went back through every post and I thoroughly recommend doing the same if you’ve missed out on any of it! It’s an excellent series and you can get to all of it from the links at the top of Part One.

I didn’t just reread it to praise my own writing though, I did it to compile a complete list of the titles Orc held at the end of the Speedrun!

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The Skyrim Speedway Part 33- The Finale

Looking for other Skyrim Speedway posts? Part One has links to them all!

In the penultimate instalment of the Skyrim Speedway, Orc was faced with a choice: release a dragon to take him to the remote temple of Skuldafn, trusting that he wouldn’t betray us, or fail to reach Alduin?

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The Skyrim Speedway Part 29

Looking for other Skyrim Speedway posts? Part One has links to them all!

The Skyrim Speedway is slowly coming to an end! With the defeat of Miraak, Orc Orcersson is now the Last Dragonborn of myth and prophecy, as well as all the other accomplishments he’s racked up along the way. Of the major questlines, all that’s left is the Main Quest and part of the Thieves’ Guild. Don’t go preparing retirement parties yet though, there’s still much to do in sidequestland.

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