Desert Island MP3s #12

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face

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Desert Island MP3s #11

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


The Alan Parsons Project – I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You

The idea of a sound engineer and a producer working on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album and immediately afterward thinking to themselves “yeah, we could do that!” really, really tickles me. Especially considering…well, they were right. They could do that.

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The Great Debate

I know there’s a contentious issue around that so far I’ve remained silent on, and I think it’s time I finally moved from my perch sitting on the fence and definitively stated once and for all my position. I know proponents of each side claim the other side is ignorant plebs who ignore reality and I also know there’s a lot of people who will insist that both sides are as bad as each other. Yet, as a nation and a world, a choice must be made. An important choice, perhaps the most important.


Oasis or Blur?

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Desert Island MP3s #8

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Simple Minds – Someone, Somewhere in Summertime

I’ve been knuckling down to some hardcore coding lately -you may have noticed. As such, I’ve been after music that’s good for playing in the background. Usually, I’d be playing a whole bunch of newretro electronica stuff, but you’ve got to change it up every so often.

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Desert Island MP3s #6

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Genesis – Mama

Confession time: my preference in Genesis albums is strongly the later Phil Collins ones. I really don’t care for the earlier, weirder stuff like Selling England By The Pound, although I will admit to liking odd tracks from that era.

There’s people out here who’d strongly disagree with my preference for late Genesis, although I’ve never met one in person; I’m yet to run across a classic rock radio DJ in the wild.

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