To Pickup Or Not To Pickup?

In the country I grew up in, pickup trucks were a very rare sight. I’ve since moved around the world and realized that they’re far more common in other parts of the globe. But even since that move, it seems like there’s been an increase in the number I see on the roads of the city I live in. I’m confused by this.

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A Can-Do Attitude

I hope you’re all looking forward to the finale of the Skyrim Speedway this week; I’ve read it and as an unbiased source I can say it’s a great ending!

Anyway, to help you pass the time until this momentous event I’m going to finally end an old regional debate:

Picture some prechopped tomatoes, in their cylindrical metal container and ready to made into a delicious meal. The meal’s being made by a Clone Trooper, because…. ummm, I already had that picture around? ANYWAY did you picture them in a tin, or in a can?

We can settle this linguistic quandry once and for all right now: food is packaged in metal cylinders in canneries, while a tinnery is a smeltery for processing tin ore. Therefore, “can” is correct! PROBLEM RESOLVED.

However….despite a definitive answer, if you like “tin” feel free to use it still, nobody cares that much! Heck, start calling it a food cylinder if you like. Let no one stop your creativity!

A Bridge Not Too Far Enough

Have you ever considered just how impressive a feat of engineering a large bridge is? Because they are extremely impressive pieces of engineering. Think about it, they have to hold thousands of tons of weight (which shifts around with traffic patterns), deal with high winds, underwater supports and corrosion and last for decades or more.

On top of that, they have to look good too! Well, they don’t have to but a lot of them do. But if you asked me “Do you have a favourite bridge?”….well, I don’t know.

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Not much to report here today! The Skyrim posts will return Friday, but in the meantime here is a fun vocabulary test for you to try! Learning is very important, yeah?

Please look at the picture of a Shortfin Mako Shark that follows and complete this related sentence:

“This shark is _____”



The correct answer is “jawesome”, the best shark adjective around! Award yourself a point if you got it right!


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Well! It’s certainly been a little bit too long since I’ve posted here; my bad for that, but I try to keep posting about how I’m not posting to a minimum.

I’ve been busy with some “real life” things for the past 2 weeks which sadly has kept me from devoting the time I might want to moddin’ and bloggin’. Most of the things occupying me have come to an end now – some things went very well, others left me disappointed. Ce’st la vie.

However, my schedule is not entirely clear; I have visitors for Christmas arriving imminently so I know I’m going to be short of time again for that. Essentially, you can consider me on my xmas holiday from the blog! I’ll see you in January, so do what the title says!